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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Confusion Sparks Visit to Phil

For some reason, Muddear seems to think that both Phil and Walter died. I don't know why. All day yesterday and even last night, she kept making comments about how sad it is that both Walter and Phil were killed. Over and over I explained that Walter died because he was sick and Phil is still alive. Muddear would stop, scratch her head, look around, then say "thank the Lord Phil is alright". Yet 30 minutes later she would begin to lament about Phil and Walter's deaths. It's mind boggling.

Yesterday, I told Muddear that I would take her to see Phil today in hopes of clearing up the confusion. And so you have we went to visit Phil at the nursing home. Muddear was so glad to see him - she had me buy him candy again. (This time we took Reeses Cups.)

Nevertheless, we spent over an hour with Phil which typically doesn't happen. Either Muddear is ready to go within 20 minutes after arrival or Phil is eager to take a smoke break after they fawn over one another. Muddear broke the news to Phil about Walter. Poor Phil, he seemed quite shocked - I wondered if he would remember Walter because he is schizophrenic and suffers from some mental disability, although how can one forget their own brother. We talked about the funeral and I told Phil we would pick him up on Tuesday morning so he could attend. This seemed to please him.

Muddear was quite comical. She was bossing poor Phil are eating your dinner too didn't eat your candy...let me open your you have clothes to wear to the funeral...move your chair and let me you have decent clothes...back out of the you watch too much you go to bed early enough...

Man oh man Muddear was driving me nutz and she hadn't said a word to me! Hopefully our visit will end the confusion.

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