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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just Another Saturday

Today Muddear and I sat and talked about many things. We got the difficult things out of the way first, like...what she will wear to the funeral.

Muddear decided she wanted to wear black. I'm not surprised as black was the customary funeral attire of her generation. Nevertheless, we found a cute black dress with white lace around the neckline stashed in the back of her closet. Thank fits!!! I think Muddear had fun trying on her old dress. Especially since she always thinks her clothes have been stolen - seeing a dress from the past was a treat! Anyway, we picked out jewelry - pearl earrings AND I loan Muddear a pearl bracelet. I told her she could keep the bracelet in her room with the earrings so we didn't forget to put it on her.

In addition, Muddear has decided that she wants me to do something pretty with her hair, even thought she intends to wear a wig. Go figure. We have picked out shoes, but she doesn't have any pantyhose. Honestly, I think a pantyhose purchase is going to be difficult. Muddear always wants to purchase know the kind with the garter belt. Whatever is she going to so with those? I don't think she knows either! We have had this debate in the past whenever we go to purchase pantyhose and in the end we leave the mall with nothing. This has been an ongoing issue for 3 years now. Please pray for resolution and a successful panthose purchase tomorrow!

Final details...I'm thinking of painting Muddear's nails red. She'll really feel pretty. If I can accomplish nothing else, I would like for Muddear to feel pretty.

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Glorious Hats said...

How did the panty hose vs stockings come out? I have several inventions - going to Victoria's Secret for a garter belt - who else carries them these days? - the roll the top and make a knot and tuck it in, but this cuts off circulation or does not hold up the stocking, and usually shows when sitting if dress is knee length. At least, that is what I remember from the elders at family reunions half a century ago.

Or you get her into panty hose and it is hard to get them down in time when visiting the toilet.

Or the white or black anklets.

Now, somewhere in here there is substance for a good joke or funny story.

Hope it all works out smoothly for all concerned.