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People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Call

This morning, I received another phone call from St. Elizabeth hospital. Dialysis proved to be quite difficult for Walter. Current plan of action:

1. Blood transfusion - to increase hemoglobin in the blood; and
2. Monitor dialysis for any additional complications after transfusion.

The form of dialysis Walter is presently undergoing is the least traumatic. If this doesn't work, the doctors are running out of treatment options.

I really like the doctors at St. Elizabeth. They have been very informative, yet caring and compassionate of the situation.

Around Noon, I called Muddear to let her know what was going on with Walter and asked if she wanted me to take her to the hospital. So, this evening, Muddear and I will head over to the hospital so she can spend some time with him. Muddear is really worried, I can hear the fear in her voice.

Please continue to pray.

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Glorious Hats said...

Wishing you the best that can be during this difficult time. Hugs, Jane