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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Power of Family

After lunch on Sunday at TGI Friday's we headed for Glencare Nursing Home to visit Muddear's oldest son Phil. Muddear was really excited about seeing him, I had not taken her for a visit since early Spring.

As soon as we exited the elevator on Phil's floor we saw Philip. He was sitting in his wheelchair right outside the elevator waiting to go on a smoke break! Initially, he did not see Muddear as we exited the elevator. Enthusiastically, I waved saying "Hi Philip!" He was full of smiles yet lacked the recognition of who I was. But my next words were like music to his ears...

"Philip, do you see you mother? Do you see Muddear right here?"

Phillips eyes lit up with recognition and immediately he began to reach for Muddear. It was like witnessing the prodigal son (or mother in this case) come home! We could separate them!

The staff recommended sitting in the dining area so we could talk and visit for a while. Muddear was simply glowing. I on the other hand felt a little saddened. Muddear only has two remaining relatives that we are aware of and I was not doing a good job of making sure that she spent time with him on a consistent basis. I made a promise to myself that I would make sure she was able to see Phil at least once a month.

It was so obvious that Muddear missed her son and Phil missed his mother. During the entire visit they held hands and touched while "oohing and aahhing" over one another. I needed to make this happen more often. And Muddear was so cute...the excitement of it all caused her to become short of breath and every 10 minutes she would say to Phil...

"Stand up and let me see how tall you are." or "Stand up and let me see how much weight you have gained."

Muddear was ready to leave within the hour. At the elevators, Muddear promised to be back while Phil waved and smiled. Julia and both caught the sadness in his eyes as he rounded the corner to return to either his room or the television area.

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