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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Schedule Change and Sunday Outings

It has been a really long time since Muddear and I have had a Sunday outing. It seems like since I enrolled in my MBA program I have been overwhelmed. During the last 7 classes, my typical routine was to save all of my homework for Saturday then sit for 15 hours straight to complete it all. Why? So that on Sunday, I could spend part of the day doing housework and the rest of the day resting. However, during the last few weeks, I have been entirely too tired and simply unable to maintain this schedule.

My new schedule... about 5 to 6 hours on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I don't know if I like spending my entire weekend studying without one day of rest; however, it is more manageable. After my 5 hour study session on Saturday, Mike and I went out to dinner with another couple. I wasn't mentally drained after a 15 hour study session. Then today, Muddear, Mariah and I went grocery shopping at the Super Walmart after I made a quick pit-stop at Michaels for a work project. Again, I wasn't exhausted from a marathon study session. 

While in Walmart, I pushed the grocery cart and Mariah pushed Muddear's wheelchair. Of course, I completed the bulk of our grocery shopping, yet I put Muddear to work making her feel like she was helping. Periodically, I would send Mariah to grab a few grocery items off my list. Muddear would hold on to those items until they caught up with me. Muddear would place her treasures in my shopping cart before going to grab more.

Overall, I think Muddear had a really good day. She easily awoke and allowed me to dress her. She had no bouts with shortness of breath while gone. She even shopped a little - Mariah and I picked out a few sweaters and pants for Muddear.  Amazingly, Walmart has a huge selection of elastic waist pants. Go Walmart! I'll certainly take pictures and post her new outfits soon. I almost forgot, Muddear even picked out a new purse - while complaining because Walmart does not carry leather purses. I feel your pain Muddear - we'll have to rectify the purse situation. I'm sure I can find her a leather purse at the mall.

Several hours later, with a full yet paid for cart of grocery, we grabbed sandwiches from Subway and went home. I even allowed Mariah to back the car out of the garage and pull it back into the garage when we arrived home. WOW! I'm braver than I ever knew - allowing a fairly new 16 year-old to participate in any activity that resembles driving.

That's all for the updates... I'm off to bed!


dementia information said...

Gotta find that leather purse. Glad you had a delightful outing.

njm said...

Yeah, I know. She picked out a non-leather one while at Walmart and that seems to have appeased Muddear temporarily.

Anonymous said...
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