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Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

It's official! I am a slacker of the greatest proportion. Muddear's birthday was October 30. While driving home, I chanted, "Don't forget the camera... Don't forget the camera... Don't forget the camera...". Guess what? I forgot the camera. I should have called home and told my husband to grab it for me. But Nooooo, that's too much like right. We took a few cell phone pictures that turned out horribly, so this post is without pictures. Bummer!

To re-cap, we went to TGI Friday for dinner. Mike, Muddear, the kids and I. Muddear loves ribs and according to my husband, the rib connoisseur, Friday's has good ribs. You should have seen Muddear eat! I ordered not half a slab, but a whole slab thinking she could take any leftovers home for dinner the next day. To my surprise, Muddear ate almost all of the ribs, some of her mashed potatoes, and dessert. She was totally adorable, all smiles and talkative. It was obvious, Muddear loves birthday celebrations.

When Muddear wasn't paying attention, we told our waiters that today was her birthday. After the dinner plates had been cleared away, the whole Friday's gang came out singing and clapping the birthday song. She was ecstatic! Honestly, so was I to see her so happy. Muddear knew it was her birthday and she was proud to be 97! Up until that point she had not experienced any anxiety or shortness of breath. That is until she was given a huge chocolate sundae. We each wanted our own dessert thus declined to share her sundae, which gave Muddear a bit of anxiety. She always worries that we will be upset with her if we go out to dinner and she doesn't finish everything on her plate - I think she worries about wasting money. We quickly moved her past this episode without medication and enjoyed our dessert.

Overall, it was a great night out. Many waitresses stopped by our table before we left to wish Flossie a Happy Birthday. Each was amazed that she was turning 97 years old. Honestly... so am I.

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