Tips For Caregiver's

People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Which Way Did She Go?

Yesterday morning when Sharon arrived, I heard her gasp when she entered into Muddear's bedroom. Alarm bells went off in my head as I wondered... what could possibly be wrong?
Rushing down the hallway, I entered into Muddear's bedroom and immediately realized the problem. Where is Muddear? Neither of us could figure out where she had gone! This is impossible!
And then the quilt on the bed moved. There was Muddear, completely hidden by the quilt, lying in the fetal position at the bottom of the bed.
Can you imagine how long I would have looked for Muddear if she had not moved?

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