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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

We had a really good Mother's Day this year. Early afternoon, Mike and I took Muddear to spend some time with Philip at the nursing home. He seemed ecstatic, as usual, to see Muddear. I am always moved by the affection shared between them. I was embarrassed that it had been so long since our last visit. Where did the time go? We had not visited Phil since February.

Later in the afternoon, I took Muddear and my mother out to dinner at a new Asian and Sushi restaurant called Apsara. This restaurant was definitely outside of Muddear's comfort zone, but the fact that we were surrounded by family more than made up for the fact...I think! Included in our party were my brother - Tommy, sister - Lisa, stepfather - Don, and nephew - Isaiah. We shared a wonderful afternoon filled with great food, laughter, and love. Of all days, I forgot my camera, so I do not have pictures to share. Bummer!

Of course, leave it to Muddear to "make a funny"! After we passed out Mother's Day Cards, I could tell Muddear was slightly out of sorts about where to put her card.  

"Muddear, would you like for me to put your card in my purse so you don't have to hold it?"
"No. Since we live in different places, I need to keep it so I don't forget it."
"Muddear, you know, you live with me. So, if I put your card in my purse I will give it to you when we get home."
"Oh, okay! Put it in your purse. I'll get it later."

Happy Mother's Day! 


Glorious Hats said...

What a wonderful day. Hurray!

njm said...

I agree. Hurray! for wonderful days!