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Friday, May 2, 2008

Asking Permission

Muddear thinks I was just fussing at her. I wasn't but I didn't think it was fair to allow her to fuss at Little Mike for no reason.

While I was sitting in the kitchen, I heard Muddear yelling at Mike to open his bedroom door. After hearing her yell at him for a couple of minutes, I decided to go upstairs to investigate the problem. I found an indignant Muddear sitting in the hallway, again yelling at Little Mike to open his bedroom door.

"What's wrong Muddear?"
"Tell him he needs to open his door!"
"Why? He's changing clothes."
"He should have told me that he was changing clothes. I don't know what he's up to in there."
"Muddear, Little Mike lives here. That is his room. He does not have to ask to shut his bedroom door."
"Yes, he does. I don't know - he might have girls in there."
"Muddear, Mike is a kid. He is not allowed to have girls in the house or in his room."
"I don't know what's on his mind. He should have told me and you need to stop jumping down my back about it."
"Muddear, I am not fussing at you. But you need to leave Little Mike alone so he can finish changing his clothes. He just got out of the shower."

There was no convincing Muddear, so I made an excuse to go back downstairs. Hence, the right now blogging of this incident.

WOW! Little Mike just left to go to a friends and Muddear is still yelling at him. Imagine that...


Glorious Hats said...

So familiar, glad you are able to come to the computer and get the feelings/words out.

My cousin found that periodically she did need to set boundaries for our grandma on what grandma said about or to cousin's children.

IMHO, you did really good with this. Hugs, Jane

njm said...

Sometimes it is hard. There are times that I feel bad for enforcing boundaries, but I have to think of the overall good of the family. Including Muddear.