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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lab Results

I finally heard from the nurse who collected the urine sample last week. The lab results stated that Muddear does not have an infection of any sort. No Urinary Tract Infections, bladder infections, nothing.

Even though this is what the nurse initially suspected, I am glad to have the actual proof. The news was welcomed with a little apprehension. While I am glad Muddear is not suffering from an infection, the results simply mean that her Dementia is getting progressively worse. When I picked Muddear up on Monday from Brookwood Retirement Community, I could tell that I was the only one refreshed after the respite stay. Muddear still remained in that "special" place in her mind that did not quite connect with the reality of today.

I can only guess that mentally Muddear is living in a time period that occurred almost 80 years ago. She constantly talks about her grandmother, taking care of her grandmother, etc. Then I am stuck with the dilemma... do I remind her that her grandmother died years ago? Is this going to make things worse for Muddear? Will her confusion increase? Will the news come as a great shock? Thus far, I have opted with the truth - but first I remind Muddear of her present age, then gently ask her if her grandmother would be living if she in fact is 96? Typically this works for the short term until Muddear forgets again. However, there have been a couple of occasions where Muddear's first reaction is shock, then denial.

Nevertheless, it is odd to see the two dispensations of time co-exist in Muddear's mind. While she lives, mentally, in the past Muddear is simultaneously aware of more current events. How confusing it all must be for her. I will keep you posted.


Glorious Hats said...

Just hugs and best wishes, know you will find the bits of joy in each day, even those so difficult. Hugs, Jane

njm said...

Thanks Jane! I love to see your comments - always positive! We should all share a little optimism everyday. Imagine the impact it would have on this world.

Anonymous said...

you don't need to worry about her.. seeing her grandmother. she is seeing her in spirit.. nothing to worry about. She is comforting her in this transition. That is the work I do . I am a medium. Blessings