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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eating Habits

I spoke with the supervising nurse last night. She agrees with my preliminary assessment of the situation...Muddear doesn't eat; Muddear takes medicine; Muddear becomes nauseated from taking medication on an empty stomach.

So where do we go next? The nurse recommended two possible solutions to increase Muddear's food intake:
  • Eat smaller but more frequent meals.
  • Increase servings of Ensure or Boost, whichever she is taking.

This will be the new routine for the next few weeks. If my scenario is truly the self-induced vomiting trigger then we have resolved that issue...for now. However, the remaining outstanding issue still revolves around why Muddear refuses to eat. Especially since the reasons given for not eating make no sense.

Just a few of my favorite excuses...

  1. "I'm full!" (But she hasn't eaten anything.)
  2. "I don't like this kind of food. It doesn't taste good - to me." (Said about leftovers just eaten the night before.)
  3. "I don't have a taste for that."

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.


Glorious Hats said...

OK, well, does Muddear have any suggestions? If you can catch her in a "good" moment and ask her what might help her to enjoy eating and make her want to eat. Because she is eating too little & that is making her sick to her stomach. Tell her one excuse she uses and see if she can come up with a solution, if she does then go on to the next excuse.

Or ask her what she did with her kids if they gave her trouble about eating certain things.

Just some ideas.

Again wishing you the best. Hugs,Jane

njm said...


You know Muddear is a pistol! I'll have to ask her when food is not in question, which I believe was mistake the first few times I asked.

Muddear's typical response is that "you can't make people eat something they don't want to eat." (I don't think Muddear likes my cooking.)

When asked about her kids, she says she let them eat whatever they wanted to eat. No success yet! :0

Glorious Hats said...

Oh gosh, she is a treat. And just like so many headstrong children, difficult to manage, but incredible joys to know and love.

Hugs and best wishes to you all. Jane

njm said...


I keep trying! :-)

Anonymous said...

Incredible quest there. What happened after? Take care!

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