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People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Sunday, November 25, 2007


There are many things I am thankful family and friends; that the Lord has provided food, clothing, and shelter; health and healing both emotionally and physically; and the aides that faithfully care for Muddear.

Walter, Muddear's other son and my father, was rushed to the hospital a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Wednesday night, I spent time at the hospital and received several calls Wednesday night through early Thursday morning about his status. Therefore, it was a blessing to be able to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning knowing that Sharon, the aide would arrive bright and early to care for Flossie before we left for dinner. Between the family, work, and the hospital I was exhausted. (In time, Walter is going to be okay.)

It was nice to only have to worry about getting myself ready to leave on Thanksgiving day knowing that Sharon was taking care of Muddear. We packed Muddear up and left the house about 2:30 p.m. First stop...Glencare Nursing Home to visit with Phil. Muddear was so excited when I told her. She asked if we would stop by the store on our way so that she could purchase a candy bar to give to Philip. Very Cute!

Upon arrival at the nursing home, as usual, they were ecstatic to see one another. Hugs and kisses were shared and then Muddear's usual request for Phil to "stand up so I can see how tall you are." Philip, as usual, forgets to put the brakes on his wheelchair and we are yelling, "No Phil, don't stand up without your brakes!" About mid-way through the visit, Muddear pulls out the coveted candy bar (3 Musketeers) and gives it Phil - you should have seen his face! He was so excited to receive the candy bar.

I must continue the monthly visits, I think it does wonders for both Muddear and Phil. The funny thing is Muddear only stays about 30 minutes to an hour. Phil inevitably needs a smoke break and I think Muddear takes that as her queue to leave. The two of them may be in the middle of a conversation, holding hands and giggling, when suddenly Phil says..."Okay. Bye Bye. Thank you" and wheels himself away for a smoke break. Phil and cigarettes are like two powerful magnates.

After leaving the nursing home, the three of us headed for Mike's mom's house for dinner with the family. My side of the family was divided up between Mississippi, Indiana, and Ohio this year. While I missed my family, I think only having one place to visit made things a little easier on Muddear. She was very easy to get along with - all evening Muddear talked and laughed with the family. We managed to only have one anxiety attack which occurred when dinner was served. What is the correlation between dinner and anxiety attacks? Fortunately, Muddear "managed" to overcome it and ate a substantial dinner topped off with a piece of the chocolate cake I made for the occasion.

We probably arrived home around 10:00 p.m. Muddear was exhausted! I helped her change into a clean gown, dispensed final medications, and in the bed went Muddear. It was a great day for which I am thankful!


Glorious Hats said...

Glad Walter will be Ok in the long run. And so happy you could count on an aide for Muddear that morning. Last but not least, thrilled you all had a good day out.

Nikki said...

Thanks! I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends and all of the many things that we have every reason to be thankful for!