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People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 was Muddear's 96th birthday! We took Muddear to dinner at Montgomery Inn - this was the first time she had ever been there and boy was she excited to go out for her birthday.

Of course, we ordered Muddear their famous ribs so she was fitted with a Montgomery Inn bib. Our appetizers came out first - onion straws, and Muddear was in heaven. Next came the salads, and Muddear continued to eat and eat. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Muddear says..."Where is the meat?" I reassured Muddear that this was just the salad and her entree would be out shortly.

When the entrees arrived, Muddear began to have an anxiety attack. The amount of food served was overwhelming! Fortunately, we were able to calm her down and Muddear began to eat. About halfway through her meal, Muddear decided she was full, but definitely ready for dessert.

As we waited for our desserts to come (Mike's caramel apple shortcake, my chocolate volcano, and Muddear's caramel volcano), we decided to give Muddear one of her gifts. One of my friends and granny-sitters not only purchased a gift for Muddear's birthday, but wrapped it as well. She has truly shown us up! I hate wrapping gifts with a passion! However, when I gave Muddear the gift...she had another anxiety attack! This time the receipt of the gift was overwhelming! "I didn't expect all of this! Put it away...put it away! I'll look at it later." Once again, we were able to calm Muddear down, so that she could enjoy her dessert.

Of course, when the dessert arrived, what do you think happened? Yes, another anxiety attack! This time we were not able to calm Muddear; therefore, we ended up getting a to-go box for the dessert. At this point, Muddear was ready to go home!

Once we arrived home, Muddear had calmed down and was elated by her night out. I began to assist Muddear with her bedtime rituals, dispensed her medications, and started her breathing treatment. About halfway through the treatment, Mike decided to check on Muddear. I started laughing when I overheard their conversation...

"Mike, when do I get my medication?"
"Nikki already gave it to you."
"No she didn't. I haven't seen Nikki in days."
"Muddear, Nikki was just with us at dinner, remember?"
"No she wasn't. I told you I haven't seen Nikki in days!"

What can I say? At least Muddear had a great birthday!

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