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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day - 2007

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, Mike and I made plans to take both our mothers and Muddear out to dinner at a restaurant called Hoggys. We had 3:00 p.m. reservations and planned to leave the house by 2:00 p.m. So, at 9:00 a.m., I went into Muddear's room to wake her up for breakfast and medicine. She seemed to be in good spirits, which was great, because today, Muddear was not going to be able to sleep until Noon!

Mike wished Muddear a Happy Mother's Day and broke the news that we were going out to dinner. This was a pretty big deal - Muddear normally does not like to leave the house. It was now my turn to take over - getting Muddear ready to leave became an event!

We selected an outfit to wear to dinner and her favorite wig. Having the ability to make choices is very important, so I always consult Muddear on clothing selections. The stars must have been in alignment, this is not always an easy feat to accomplish. Muddear at times gets worked up about the colors of her clothes, the length of her dresses, to wear a slip or not to wear a slip, etc. etc. etc.

After getting a thorough wash-up, it was time to apply medication to the skin infection on her legs, mouth/gum care, dressing, and hairstyling. Because Muddear's hair is not chemically relaxed, she likes me to straighten it. I used to pull out the electric hot comb, but that takes entirely too much work when the only thing Muddear is going to do is cover her head with either a bonnet or wig. Therefore, after oiling her scalp, I now pull out the flat iron and in about 10 to 15 minutes, quickly and easily straighten Muddear's hair and style it in plaits, braids or cornrows. Today's choice was plaits and within an hour and a half, Muddear was ready to go.

At the restaurant Muddear was so cute. She was so excited to be out with everyone and constantly giggled like a schoolgirl. Making dinner selections becomes quite confusing and overwhelming for Muddear, so I usually break the menu down into three items...chicken, ribs, steak. "Choose the cheapest thing", she says. After reassuring Muddear that she can have anything on the menu, she chooses the ribs. I am not surprised; we typically do not make ribs at home, so they are a real treat for Muddear. Now on to the side items, which I narrow down to the things I know she likes...greens, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese, or spinach. The winner...macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes.

Muddear was so cute, as appetizers were ordered and passed around, she wanted to try everything. She was having so much fun - trying a little of this and a little bit of that! Which is why I was so surprised when she had an anxiety attack! The waiter cheerfully brought out Muddear's food and she became overwhelmed by the portions. "I can't eat all of this", she says while gasping for breath. "What am I supposed to do with all of this food?"

I should not laugh, but it struck me as funny. Who has anxiety attacks because there is too much food on their plate? No one but Muddear! After hooking her up to the portable oxygen tank, and reassuring Muddear that she can take home anything she does not eat, things went back to normal. The only thing that did not make it a perfect day...I forgot my camera! I love to see Flossie in her wig!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day!

I am sure it takes a great deal of effort to prepare Flossie to leave the house. Based upon her reaction to dinner, it seems as if it was well worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Flossie just looks adorable in the picture...I want to hug her.
Thanks for reading my blog and linking me to your's. I've enjoyed it!

Nikki said...

Yes, taking Muddear out to dinner was a treat for all of us. She often is resistant to leaving the house, but once she is out she has a blast. Especially when enjoying at least one of her three favorite pasttimes - church, eating, shopping.