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Friday, May 11, 2007

Food For Thought

A couple of nights ago, I made what I thought was a delicious pasta dish...thin spaghetti cooked with red pepper olive oil, succulent shrimp, and broccoli tossed with Parmesan cheese and a light Alfredo sauce - just enough to make the pasta moist but not enough taste like fettuccine.

Everyone loved dinner but Muddear. As a matter of fact, Muddear was pissed! Not only would she not eat dinner, she wouldn't even taste it!

"Nikki, what is this that you brought me?"
"It is a pasta dish."
"Well, I don't eat my food all mixed together."
"Muddear, it is supposed to be mixed together."
"Not, when I eat it. Just because I am old don't mean you can give me just anything to eat!"
"Muddear, this is what everyone ate for dinner."
"I don't care what everybody ate. I don't eat like this! How am I supposed to know what anything tastes like with it all mixed up?"

Arguing with Muddear really is action of futility, therefore after a few minutes into the discussion I stated that I was not going to argue over dinner. Muddear agreed and requested I remove her plate.

I will never understand the things that set Muddear off or why. Especially when her anger is directed at something nice I have done for her. I question if it is a generational gap, differences in how we were raised, or just Dementia. What ever the reason, I wish there was a way to bridge the gap.

Food for thought...


Cara said...

It must be the dementia, because before my dad developed "it", he doted on my and appreciated the littlest things I did. Now, one minute he likes me the next "I'm a jew, I should be in a sinigogue" to me and saying I don't know what I'm doing my great grand daughter can do better, I'm no good, etc. Don't take it personal, according to my dad's doc he's only getting 50%. Thanks again, Cara

Nikki said...


You are absolutely right. Sometimes, when dealing with Muddear I react first and think later. If I thought first, I would remember that it is the Dementia. Thanks for your post. Stay encouraged!