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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anything Sweet...

I find this a little frustrating. We tell the aides that take care of my grandmother during the day..."Please make sure Flossie eats breakfast and lunch. She often will refuse to eat a meal, but will ask for and attempt to fill up on cookies, pudding, or anything sweet. Do not give Flossie snacks unless she eats most or all of her meals" Why? Muddear will eat cookies and pudding and ice cream every day for every meal if we let her. This is obviously not healthy and sometimes when Muddear gets too much sugar I think she displays odd behavior. Especially at night and who do you think suffers? Me!

Anyway back to my story...

What I find frustrating is that the aides will give Muddear cookies and snacks all day. She won't eat breakfast, but the aide will feed her cookies and coke as a morning snack. Muddear will eat two bites of her lunch and the aide will give her five cookies and pudding for an afternoon snack. One day I came home from work and Muddear had three bowls of ice cream, but no other meal. Some aides have given her as many as a dozen cookies in one afternoon!

Now either there is something wrong with me or someone is not using common sense. So here we go again, I came home from work today and our meal tracking spreadsheet says Flossie had cookies for snack. Unfortunately, her entire lunch was on a plate in the sink! Now, I will have to leave yet another note for the aide before I go to work in the morning...

"Dear Aide,

Please call me when you arrive. We need to discuss Flossie's eating habits and the amount of snacks she eats daily.

Thank You,


Darn, I forgot...I had a substitute aide today, so a note won't help!

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