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People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blog Changes

Changes have been made to the look and feel of this blog - but not the style or content. I hope it is easier to navigate through as I continue to share Dementia Thoughts...

Your thoughts about the site are appreciated.


Caregiver said...

Hello Nikki
I saw your personal story on the "" website. I love your blog and I love the photo of "Muddear" what a beautiful lady she is and seemingly very spirited. I am caregiver for my husband who has alzheimer, I am also working on a blog to document the journey. He was diagnosed in May of 2006, so we are just beginning the journey. Sometime in the future I plan to make my blog public as well. Have a great day!



Nikki said...

Hey Caregiver!

Your husband is blessed to have you. When you make your Blog public let me know, I will link to it. Your journey will not always will not be easy, blogging is definitely a way to alleviate the stress and remember the good times.

Caregiver said...

Thanks Nikki!
I am so proud of myself for learning to blog. You are so right it has helped tremendously already. I am reading everything I can get my hands on. I find that I am watching him all the time. I will let you know when I go public. Thanks again!

Nikki said...


I know exactly wht you mean! I find myself watching Muddear all the time. As a matter of fact, I keep journals handy so that if I do not have immediate computer access, I can record the moment. I think I have become Blogger crazy. Sunday, Muddear went out on an outting - I bought a disposable camera so that I could take pictures to post on my blog.