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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Off Kilter!

Muddear is still not quite right...

This evening Muddear went around and round the mulberry bush arguing with Mike about how it was time for her to move so that she could be closer to her sons. This time it was Mike's turn to have that discussion. I am officially done for the next two days.

Needless to say, when asked "who will you stay with when you leave" - as she was demanding to leave at that exact moment, Muddear could not give a coherent answer. According to Muddear, Walter lived in a different state and Phil was not her son. Even better Phil was her daughter's son or Muddear's grandson. Mike tried to clear up the confusion by going down the family tree, to wit Muddear became irate and argumentative. "I KNOW WHO MY CHILDREN ARE! DON'T YOU TELL ME!"

Mike decided to drop the subject. That is until Muddear began calling him every 10 minutes to have the discussion yet again. This time, both Phil and Walter were her sons, but she had no clue as to who her other children had been. (I say that in past tense because they predeceased Muddear.)

As if this weren't enough, Granny started seeing things that didn't exist! According to Muddear, my two children (step) were unhappy when they entered her room and wanted to see their mother. Problem...neither were at home at the time. When I explained this to Muddear, she initially argued with me, then casually said..."I must have been hallucinating!"

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Glorious Hats said...

Do you wonder sometimes if the retreat into confusion is a response to difficult, unbearable thoughts? How painful to loose a child - even one that is 60 or 70 years old.

Unfortunately, the protection result - it that is indeed what it is- is also painful and frustrating.

I hate those seemingly no win situations.

Can only hope that things smooth out for all of you and that the days get easier and less frustrating. Hugs, Jane