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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Dermatologist Appointments

Yesterday, Muddear had another Dermatologist appointment. Perhaps it was because we were the last appointment of the day, I am not sure, however, I was thankful that we were in and out in less than 45 minutes. Muddear "having words" with the doctor again was not a pleasant prospect. Not to mention, I believe my sinus's are flaring up due to the season changes and I did not think I could stand another two hour appointment.

The good news is Muddear's skin infection is healing nicely and the hyperpigmentation is beginning to recede. Our next appointment is in two months - we will simply need to continue applying the medicated cream - Topicort once per day. The only caveat - as the weather turns colder, we may need to increase the use of the Aquaphor - a moisturizer prescribed by Dr. Barich. The purpose will be to keep the skin hydrated so that it does not become dry and itchy. The very catalyst that precipitated this horrendous skin infection that has taken us over a year to clear up.

Hopefully, the next dermatologist appointment will be the last. I should have some pictures soon to post.

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