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Friday, May 4, 2007

Not As Easy As You Might Think...

Wednesday night, I received a phone call from Dr. Pushpah Shah. (Say that three times fast!) The call was to discuss the results of the blood tests from the sample taken during last week's appointment. Typically, Dr. Shah takes a blood sample every six months to verify that the many prescriptions my grandmother takes are not causing any adverse effects on her internal organs. There were two areas of concern, Muddear's vitamin D and vitamin B levels were too low.


1. Dr. Shah recommended purchasing an over the counter Calcium pill with vitamin D.
2. The Doctor was unsure about the vitamin B deficiency; however, a poor diet may be the cause. She suggested Ensure, Boost, or other dietary supplement.

So, last night I had what I perceived to be a brilliant idea. I decided to ask Muddear about her favorite meals and incorporate at least one of her favorites into my weekly meal-planning schedule. I probably should have thought of this before now, but what can I say? This should be an easy task, or so I thought.

"Muddear, I need you to tell me something. What are your favorite things to eat?"
"Well, when I used to cook for my family, I always cooked what everyone liked."
"That's good. So tell me what did you like?"
"I liked a lot of different things."
"Name one for me."
"I don't know if my favorite was collard greens, or steak, or roast. I don't know."
"Muddear, can you pick a few you really like?" (I did not trust the answer, because Muddear normally will not eat collard greens. She says they cause her to have asthma attacks. Nevertheless, I press on.) I am sure you have at least a few favorite foods."
"Oh I don't know"
"That's okay, you can think about it."
"Are you happy with my answer? Did I answer you okay?"
"Muddear, you answered just fine. Thank you."

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