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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Embarrassing and Gross...

Okay, I am about to embark upon a somewhat embarrassing and gross topic. But, I figure if WebMd can post an article about the six most common health issues affecting women that are never discussed due to their embarrassing nature, so can I. The author for WebMD addresses the need to candidly discuss the following symptoms with your doctor:
  • gas
  • frequent urination/leaky bladder
  • vaginal odor
  • low libido
  • excessive perspiration
After reading the article I ceased to vacillate over whether I would write this entry. I figure my topic of choice...vomiting, shouldn't be too embarrassing or gross since it didn't make the WebMD list.

Last night after dinner, Muddear stated she had an upset stomach and asked if I would mix a little baking soda and water for her to drink. She drank this concoction but still had no relief from the nausea. After periodic checks, in which Muddear continued to yell and moan about her sick stomach, her room became mysteriously quiet. Can you imagine what I found?

Muddear had been sticking her fingers down her throat and managed to "successfully" vomit into the bedside commode. I was completely grossed out. Now in addition to the usual urine and feces, I had to clean out chunks of chili and vomit. Yuck!

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