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People with Alzheimer's disease frequently become more disoriented after dark or when waking. Leaving a night-light on in the bedroom may be helpful.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Accidentally Outrageous Flirting

A few months have passed since my last post. Classes end on January 25th and I will be FREE from school! Thank the LORD! So let me catch you up on what's been happening with Muddear lately...
Every other Wednesday evening, I have a hair appointment - my personal luxury. My hubby get to granny-sit on those nights. Of course, after feeding Muddear dinner, Mike sat in her room to watch television. Nothing unusual, right?
Upon my return from the hair salon, Mike came into our bedroom to talk to me. That is when the drama began.

"Mike? Where are you Mike?"
"What do you need Muddear?"
"Come here."

Considering Muddear was already in the bed and Mike had just left her room, we figured she didn't really need anything. Boy were we surprised...

"Mike why don't you sit down?"
"Muddear, I was just sitting in here. Nikki is home, so I am going to sit with her."
"Mike, I want you to sit with me. Come over here and sit on the bed."
"Sit on the bed? You never want me to sit on the bed."
"I want to talk to you."
"Okay, I'll sit for a minute."

For about five minutes, Mike sat with Muddear and asked her multiple times what she wanted to talk about. But Muddear never explained what she wanted to talk about, instead I was surprised to hear Mike say...

"Muddear, why are you rubbing my arm?" (There was no response, just giggles.)
"Muddear, why are you rubbing my arm? (giggle) Okay, since you won't tell me, I am going back in my room."
"Where are you going, Mike?"
"I am going to my room."
"Well, I'm coming to your room with you."
"Muddear, I'm getting in the bed."
"Oh, well, I'm going to get in the bed with you."
"So you are going to get in the bed with me and my wife?"
Again, Muddear started giggling.

At this point, I am cracking up laughing and Mike looks incredibly uncomfortable as he walks into our bedroom. I couldn't believe nor make heads or tails about why Muddear was outrageously flirting. And then she begins again...

"Mike... I'm coming to get in the bed with you."
"Muddear, I'm getting in the bed with my wife so you need to stay in your bed."
Muddear giggles.

You probably would not believe me if I said this went on for at least an hour, but it did. Finally, Muddear says...

"You wife? Oh Lord! I thought you were my husband!" She giggled again and went to bed.

It is unbelievable what Alzheimer's and Dementia can do to the mind. As caregivers we just love and laugh our loved ones through these times.

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