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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oxygen Balls

Muddear is always up to something new. Her latest antics started last Friday night and still continue - daily. Muddear has decided that she doesn't want to wear her oxygen anymore. Why? I don't know, nor can I imagine. I know - this isn't completely abnormal. The weird thing is that she rolls the entire oxygen cord (about 50 feet), canula and all, into a tight ball and hides it.

Sometimes the ball is tied with miscellaneous strips of material that Muddear randomly discovers within the recesses of her room or drawers. Sometimes the ends are tied together; however the end result is a ball. Over the last few days, the "oxygen cord ball" has been found under the covers, under the bed, behind the bed, etc. When asked about this mysterious phenomenon, Muddear makes one of the following statements:

1. "I don't know how it got like that. I didn't do!"
2. "It fell off and rolled into a ball like that."
3. "I didn't know what it was so I rolled it into a ball and threw it!"

Isn't that odd?


Glorious Hats said...

Oh my gosh, so creative. It is amazing, so many things that can happen and who knows where the idea/actions come. The oxygen ball is so funny in one way. But am sure she is healthier using the oxygen, though how to solve the problem also boggles the mind. Maybe one day it will just be ok again. Good luck.

njm said...

It's funny the things Muddear thinks about doing sometimes. But I guess if I were sitting in one place hour after hour, I might find creative ways to pass the time.