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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Girls Will Be Girls...

You know there are times when I simply forget that Muddear is a girl at heart. I do not mean gender, but personality. It is so easy to categorize her as grandmother to me, mother to Walter and Phil, widow to Grandpa James, but never woman.

This morning when "attempting" to dress Muddear, I found myself getting aggravated because nothing I put on her was right in her eyes. Muddear put on a fresh lavender "t-shirt" last night under her nightgown. I say "t-shirt" because I only purchase nightshirts for Muddear - long enough to cover most of the body and keep her warn underneath the muumuu or dusters she loves to wear. But of course, Muddear did not want to wear that particular t-shirt simply because it was lavender. "I don't wear this color", she says.

Muddear wanted to wear a short white t-shirt - actual t-shirt under today's lavender duster, picked specifically to match her t-shirt. Therefore, I asked, "What is going to cover the rest of your body?" "A slip", Muddear retorted. "I always wear a half slip with this t-shirt." Naturally, that was not true, but hey, I just went with it.

I waited as Muddear removed the lavender t-shirt and gown, then put on her white t-shirt. I assisted with the half-slip and fresh lavender duster. Immediately, Muddear was upset. "This slip is too long! I do not want to wear this dress with my slip showing. Get me something else to wear." After reassuring Muddear that the slip did indeed belong to her, I pulled out another dress. "Muddear, this dress is long enough to cover your slip. Do you want to wear this?"

Muddear decided to wear the new muumuu, a cute blue number with multi-colored hot air balloons. (It looks better than it sounds.) Once on, Muddear was satisfied that her slip was covered, but she did not like the fit. "It has too much material! I look like a stick pin inside this thing!" Muddear wanted to change clothes yet again, but I was not having it. First, I knew that no other muumuu would cover the slip. Two, if we changed the muumuu we would have to remove the slip and the t-shirt to find another long t-shirt and I had no desire to go through that ordeal. I left the room to let Muddear ruminate over this latest development.

While making lunch, I began to feel guilty. That is when I realized for the first time in my life...Muddear is just a girl - like me. How many times do I change an outfit until I get it right? How many nights have I gone to bed with one outfit in mind, but when I wake up in the morning there is no way in the world I would ever wear that outfit in public?

When I finish writing this post, I am going to ask Muddear if she wants to change clothes. I figure, it is the least I can do.

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