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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sandwich Trouble

Yesterday, Mariah and I went to Paramount's Kings Island and Mike was nominated the granny-sitter for the day. I always appreciate it when Mike takes on this responsibility for any extended period of time, because usually Muddear gives him hell! This morning I asked Mike to recount the most memorable happening of the day, while he and little Mike were here with Muddear. So I share with you, Mike's story:

After you left for Kings Island, I made lunch for Muddear - a ham sandwich and potato chips, with lemonade to drink. I setup the dinner tray and placed everything upon it, so Muddear could eat. Immediately she says...

"Mike, why did you give me so much food?"
"You said you were hungry and I made you a sandwich."
"Well I don't want a whole sandwich."
"Why don't you eat what you can and I will come back to get the rest later."

Nikki, I was hungry and wanted to eat my own sandwich. I was downstairs less than five minutes when Muddear started calling me...

"Yes, Muddear?"
"Why did you give me so much food?"
"It's just a sandwich and some chips, Muddear. That's not a lot of food."
"Well, I don't want a whole sandwich."
"Okay, I'll get a knife and cut it in half."

Upon returning with the knife...

"Here you go Muddear, I have cut the sandwich in half."
"I don't want that."
"What do you mean? You just asked me to cut the sandwich in half."
"I don't want the half you gave me. I want the other half, it looks better."
"Okay Muddear."

I went downstairs to finish eating my lunch with Mike. About 10 or 15 minutes later, Muddear started calling me again.

"What do you need Muddear?"
"I'm hungry, can I have something else to eat?"
"What do you want to eat?"
"A sandwich."
"Why did you make me cut your sandwich in half and take it downstairs?"
"Well, it shouldn't be a big deal to get the other half."

At this point, I am frustrated, because I have not been able to finish my own lunch. To make matters worse, Mike thinks the entire situation is funny so he is in the background cracking up laughing! I quickly made Muddear another half sandwich, because Mike ate the extra half of the first sandwich, and took it to Muddear. About 15 minutes later...

"Yes, Muddear?"
"I'm hungry, can I have something else to eat?"
"What do want to eat Muddear?"
"I don't know, something to sweet."

I gave her a yogurt parfait that was purchased earlier from McDonald's. Muddear ate the entire thing and THANK GOD she was finally full.

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